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Stop Making Recruiting Top Talent So Difficult

White Paper Published By: HRMC
Published:  Sep 23, 2010
Type:  White Paper
Length:  2 pages

HRMC, Inc. solves recruiting and selection problems by flipping the process both ways: end-for-end and right-side-up. Our SaaS solution, HRMC Acclaimsm, enables companies to recruit people first, rather than resumes first. The highly flexible platform starts the talent acquisition process with an immediate interview and pushes the resume submittal further back in the process. Immediate interviews are a much more motivating call to action rather than a cold, flat resume request as a first step, and enable resumeless passive candidates to apply as well as active job seekers. Using artificial intelligence to control the decisioning and flow of realistic job previews; job-specific direct questioning; administration of assessments and simulations; launching of reference requests, background checks; and the scheduling of only the most promising prospects for the final onsite interview, a highly appealing single nonstop candidate engagement is provided. The artificial intelligence then uses the knowledge gained through direct questioning and simulations to rank order the applicants from most-suited to least-suited (rather than just listing all who meet the minimum requirements), thereby flipping the process right-side-up and recruiters/hiring managers can start with the best applicants at the top of the list. Interactions can be conducted in any international language, anywhere in the world, and high applicant volumes are a non-issue since the platform handles thousands of applicants simultaneously. HRMC Acclaimsm can reduce a 90 day process down to 90 minutes or less. The system's speed, accuracy, and unique approach caused Brian Sommer, Industry Analyst, to declare "HRMC Acclaim: A Brilliant Rethink of Recruiting and Hiring."

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