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Top Considerations for a Mobile Application Platform

White Paper Published By: Worklight
Published:  Mar 23, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  10 pages

As adoption of mobile applications continues to rise, a growing number of organizations in a variety of industries are starting to see the potential value this channel holds. But what many of them are quickly realizing is that transforming what started as a form of entertainment into a secure business medium can entail significant time, cost and effort if not done correctly. To overcome the challenges and avoid the pitfalls that are associated with the process of developing, running and managing enterprise mobile apps, several vendors have introduced Mobile Application Platforms. These enterprise-grade solutions can significantly lower the costs of development and ongoing maintenance of applications as well as serve as a centralized point of control that supports back-end enterprise connectivity, remote management of deployed applications and reports and analytics features. But not all Mobile Application Platforms are the same, as different approaches achieve these capabilities through different means. Before choosing the right technology, organizations should be aware of the different considerations involved and how each approach will affect their unique business and IT needs.

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