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How Online Retailers Can Tap into the Emerging Site Monetization Boom

White Paper Published By: Searchandise
Published:  Jun 21, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  7 pages

Since our inception we have been talking about the concept of retail websites functioning like publishing sites, where consumers turn for comparison, pricing and product information. Reliance on retail sites provides unprecedented opportunity for retailers to look at their sites as media venues, and a market of "retail media" has emerged. And retail media is gaining momentum as more and more research shows the importance of retail sites in the path to purchase. By engaging shoppers in their path to purchase ? where they research brands, compare products, and ultimately buy ? retail media has become a powerful, influencing force on consumer shopping decisions. There are many companies that offer retail media solutions. Searchandise Commerce has been a pioneer in search since 2008 and as a result, is uniquely positioned as the only retail media solution that addresses search and browse listings: the online equivalent of in-store shelf space. Searchandise Commerce provides the ability to monetize search listings by integrating pay-per-click bids into on-site search becoming a true retail search media solution. In doing so, we pioneered a subset of retail media called Retail Search Media. Think paid search for retail websites and their mobile counterparts.

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