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Looking the Gift Dragon In The Mouth: China's Changing Impact on the Global Economy

Webinar Published By: Western Union Business Solutions
Western Union Business Solutions
Published:  Jan 01, 2001
Type:  Webinar

After four decades of spectacular growth, China has become one of the world's largest economies and a vital link in the global marketplace. In many ways, this growth has been an invaluable gift for US businesses, helping to reduce supply chain costs and greatly expand international markets.

Please join Karl Schamotta, Senior Market Strategist with Western Union Business Solutions and Ellen M. Heffes, Editor-in-Chief Financial Executive magazine at Financial Executives International as they discuss the profound changes that are occurring within China, and the evolving balance of power between the major economies - from a currency trader's distinctively independent perspective.

Learning Objectives:

  • A broad understanding of the changes occurring within the Chinese economy.
  • Analysis of the impact being felt across the global financial markets.
  • Insight into the reality hiding behind Western misperceptions of China. 
  • Tactics and strategies that firms can use to manage currency risk and harness the opportunities generated by China's rise.

This 45 minute Webinar is a must-see if you are a financial professional or business leader whose organization is directly or indirectly impacted by China's economy.

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