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How Far is Too Far? Legal Issues & Best Practices for Worksite Nicotine Testing

Webinar Published By: Alere Wellbeing
Alere Wellbeing
Published:  Jul 16, 2012
Type:  Webinar

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Chances are, you offer a smoke-free worksite in conjunction with your tobacco cessation program. You may even offer a premium differential to reward non-tobacco users and entice tobacco users to quit. Many employers ask their staff members to sign an affidavit or make a "smoke-free" pledge, but are self-reports accurate? You may have heard about nicotine testing and wonder whether you should begin to administer tests at your worksite. But do they work? And is that legal? Or necessary?

Twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia have adopted "smokers' rights" laws, which prohibit employers from discriminating against employees who use tobacco in their free time. Yet even in states where it is illegal to refuse to hire a candidate on the basis of his or her tobacco use status, many employers can legally charge a higher premium on healthcare to employees who are tobacco users - and legally conduct random nicotine testing to verify eligibility.

Please join us for our complimentary webinar, "How Far is Too Far? Legal Issues & Recommended Best Practices for Nicotine Testing in the Workplace," presented by employment law expert Julie Ross, J.D., on September 18th at 11:00am PST.

What You Will Learn:

  • The legal issues surrounding testing for tobacco use status
  • The reliability and necessity of nicotine tests
  • Recommended best practices for employers choosing to implement a worksite nicotine test

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