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Developer Report: How to Win the App Game Amidst the Apple, Android, and Windows OS Battle

White Paper Published By: Appcelerator
Published:  Aug 12, 2012
Type:  White Paper
Length:  13 pages

With the rapidly changing currents of features, functionality, and platforms, developing a mobile app can feel like going over a waterfall in a wooden barrel. The more a business can educate itself on the advantages and disadvantages of its development decisions, the better it can navigate the fast moving waters of the mobile world. 

Learn the pros and cons of top mobile operating systems-and what they mean for your mobile app development. In an exclusive survey report from IDC and Appcelerator, you'll get insights from 3,600 expert developers on the Big Three OS contenders-Apple, Google and Microsoft-and how their latest moves are influencing developer interest and intentions, and ultimately the apps they build. 

Download the report and discover: 

  • Why 53 percent of developers say iOS will win the mobile operating system war.
  • Why Google's Android comes in second to Apple and why the drop in Android interest has leveled off.
  • Why developers find Microsoft Metro UI especially compelling, and why Microsoft could overtake Android as the number two mobile OS.
  • Why developers are interested in connecting mobile apps to cloud services.

Sixty-three percent of surveyed app developers say that "navigating multiple operating systems" is one of the biggest challenges they face. Make sure you understand the mobile OS landscape so you can position your app for adoption and growth. Download the survey.


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