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Building a Business Case for Learning Management Systems

White Paper Published By: Saba Software
Saba Software
Published:  Jan 03, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  5 pages

Proven Tactics to Sell Stakeholders, Decision-Makers and Executive Management on an LMS Investment!

It starts with a bright idea. By acquiring a Learning Management System (LMS), you see an opportunity to make a positive change within your organization. To transform your idea into reality will require money, hard work and acceptance of a new initiative. So how do you prove the value of your idea to your organization, convincing decision makers that spending company resources on acquiring an LMS will provide greater value than if invested in other programs? Download the whitepaper "Building a Business Case for Learning Management Systems” now and learn how to sell an LMS within your organization with political astuteness and business savvy.

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