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VIDEO: Moving to Mobile Enterprise Applications with Verastream

Webinar Published By: Attachmate
Published:  Mar 20, 2013
Type:  Webinar
Length:  11 pages

Today’s mobility revolution has presented some complex IT challenges. Among them: Find a quick and reliable way to provide enterprise mobile applications to on-the-go workers. Complicating that challenge is the set of critical mainframe or legacy host-based applications, with their long-standing obstacles to integration.

This three-minute demo shows how Verastream can unlock those legacy investments and make them seamlessly accessible to your mobile workforce. An advanced mobile enterprise application platform, Verastream can quickly package your existing IT assets into any format, for any device. In this demo, you will see three different ways Verastream can help you deliver enterprise mobile applications while maintaining a dynamic architecture that can adapt as mobile technologies evolve.

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