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Best Practices In B2B Program Effectiveness

White Paper Published By: Bulldog Solutions
Bulldog Solutions
Published:  May 20, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  10 pages

It's no surprise that marketers are talking more about revenue now than ever before. As they are increasingly being asked to "take a number" in their organization's revenue projections and plans, they are facing a chasm between where they are today in terms of revenue performance, and where they want to be. This is revenue gap--and trying to close it is what's keeping marketers up at night.

An organization's ability to quantify and measure its revenue goals is directly tied to the level of maturity of three critical drivers:

  • High-level strategy and transformation
  • Maximizing the return from infrastructure platforms such as MAP
  • Maximizing the return from programs and campaigns

This executive overview focuses on one of these drivers--program effectiveness--defined by leading marketers as programs that drive a high level of conversion and prospect engagement throughout the buyer's journey. In this executive overview, we'll take a look at the current buyer landscape, and then at five best practice areas that need to be optimized in order for your programs to reach their full potential.

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