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HTML5 or Native

White Paper Published By: Reed
Published:  Aug 03, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  7 pages

Installed directly into a mobile device, Native applications are driven by the resident operating system and often requires no Internet connectivity. Since such apps must be created platform-by-platform, they can be more costly to develop.

The ongoing skirmish between these two warring camps—Native and HTML5—is interesting, even entertaining at times. However, it is also frustrating, worrisome and incredibly wasteful. The debate is frustrating because the sniping consists of the same points being made (or not) in seemingly endless variation with few new conclusions or insights.

Maestro developers are not tied to the tools. Rather, they pick the right tool for the right reason. When the focus is on performance, user experience and usability, it becomes very clear very fast that technology is not the solution. The goal is to define the use through the experience. For that reason, asking, “HTML or Native?” is the wrong question. The real question is: “What will maximize the user experience?” The answer is picking the tools (or combination of them) to do just that.

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