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Why IT Struggles to Innovate and How You Can Fix It

White Paper Published By: OutSystems
Published:  Apr 01, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  9 pages

Money wasted on maintenance is a sad enough story, but there is a second rail of inefficiency – endemic to all industries and geographies – that is even more troubling. It is based entirely on the accumulation of new service or change requests made by business units that IT has a hard time delivering. This failure to deliver is due to limitations ranging from a lack of budget to a lack of resources and skills.

This second rail of inefficiency is usually referred to as an IT department’s backlog, and is no small matter. It is exactly what causes IT departments to be perceived of as incompetent, slow to deliver and unwilling (or unable) to support innovation.

Download this whitepaper to understand the current approaches being used, the transformation required to redefine your approach and how the OutSystems Platform provides all the tools you need to effectively support your IT transformation journey.

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