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The 7 Principles of Engagement Marketing

White Paper Published By: Marketo
Published:  Oct 08, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  21 pages

Every company has the same mission: to maximize their value. But in our view, your most valuable asset isnít your product, or your branding, or even your team Ė itís your customers. The most successful companies succeed because they excel during each stage of the customer lifecycle: in acquiring new buyers, in growing their lifetime value, and in converting them into advocates.

And today, it's on marketers to become stewards of the customer journey, and to build bonds with customers wherever they are ó whether that means engaging on social media, presenting a unified experience across devices, or personalizing content and communications.

That's why we've developed a strategy for you ó a strategy that we call "engagement marketing." 

Engagement marketing is about connecting with people:

  • As individuals
  • Based on what they do
  • Continuously over time
  • Wherever they are
  • Always directed towards a goal
  • With measurable impact
  • At the speed of digital

In this ebook, we define each of those seven elements, and show you what an engagement marketing strategy truly looks like. To learn how you can use engagement marketing techniques in your own marketing, download our ebook: The 7 Principles of Engagement Marketing.

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