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How HR Can Move the Needle for Business

Webinar Published By: Visier
Published:  Nov 04, 2014
Type:  Webinar

Do you want to learn how HR can move the needle for business? The competition for talent has gone global; turnover is rising; and employee engagement is stagnant at best. Companies have never had a greater need to understand with precision what it takes to recruit, retain, and motivate employees. As a result, never before has HR had such an opportunity to move the needle for the business it supports. 

Learn how HR can move the needle for business in this webinar presented by analytics expert Dave Weisbeck. The recorded webinar provides direct examples of actions HR can take to:

  • Improve recruitment success and more efficiently find the skills and expertise needed at the right time for the best price
  • Retain star performers more cost effectively
  • Decode workforce planning and “dollarize” the people strategy
  • Demystify diversity to develop a workforce that is more innovative, performs better, and helps expand the company’s pool of customers

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