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Guide to IT Best Practices in Application-Aware Network Performance Management

White Paper Published By: Fluke Networks
Fluke Networks
Published:  Nov 05, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  7 pages

Application-Aware Network Performance Management (AANPM) is built upon the concept that your performance management and troubleshooting tools must understand more than just servers, storage, application components, and network devices.

To quickly identify the root cause of performance issues in a complex application environment, AANPM performance management tools must also understand the relationships between application components and the underlying infrastructure. AANPM discovers and recognizes these relationships just as social networking is built around understanding the traits of individuals, as well as understanding the relationships that individuals have with other members of the social network.

Monitoring and troubleshooting tools that are not aware of the components of an application, the underlying infrastructure, and the data flows between each are only giving you part of the performance picture.

This concept of leveraging knowledge about the relationships and traffic flows between application components is what sets AANPM tools apart from traditional monitoring and troubleshooting tools.

This guide provides IT best practices for implementing AANPM and outlines the benefits of the solutions provided by Fluke Networks, download now to receive your copy.

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