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The Retailerís Mobile Strategy Guide

White Paper Published By: Gthreecom
Published:  Nov 06, 2014
Type:  White Paper

Thereís no question that mobile phones enhance the retail experience for customers. But, in turn, shoppers now have greater service expectations in the store, on the web and through the app. As a result, brands are playing catch-up to learn how to cater to these perpetually evolving mobile needs.

The answer for many retailers is to get personal with every shopper. This E-book explains the steps retailers can take to create a personal shopping assistant for every customer. The Retailerís Mobile Strategy Guide provides insights on how to:

  • Capture insights from customer behavior for precise retargeting;
  • Drive up customer lifetime value with complementary product suggestions; and
  • Re-engage customers when theyíre ready and avoid the spam filter, among a slew of other tips.

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