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Why IT struggles with Mobility

White Paper Published By: OutSystems
Published:  Nov 07, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  9 pages

Today enterprise developers build web apps or mobile apps. Gone are the days of building client/server apps. The world now revolves around browsers and mobile devices. 

But, it won't be long before developers are just building apps. Not web or mobile apps ... Just apps. Why? Because soon enough ALL apps will HAVE to be accessible from whatever device type a user chooses. In the same way web has become the default for nearly every enterprise app, mobile-ready will soon be mandatory for any new enterprise application. 

Today, enterprise mobile application development is in its infancy, and it is suffering from the same growing pains that were experienced with client/server applications in the '80s and the web in the '90s. Companies are struggling with standards, strategies, architecture, device priorities, and a quickly expanding and shifting landscape of devices and user expectations. 

This paper chronicles the adventures and misadventures of the enterprise mobile app journey based on our observations working with industry leaders who have weathered three years of pain to arrive at the same conclusions.

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mobility, mobile devices, web apps, enterprise mobile app development