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9 Reasons Why Businesses Are Moving To Cloud Backup

White Paper Published By: Cox Communications
Cox Communications
Published:  Nov 10, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  4 pages

A business needs more than a localized storage capacity for security and continuity purposes. Today’s workforce is increasingly using mobile devices to access businesscritical data, and organizations with multiple locations require a centralized data storage facility to secure its assets. By outsourcing data backup to a reputable service provider, businesses are able to take advantage of the latest technologies and advances in encryption, disaster recovery, remote access, real-time protection and more. In addition, many of the headaches and risks associated with managing this critical area of your business are alleviated by working with a service provider that specializes in this area. Businesses of all sizes are moving to cloud back-up in growing numbers, and the reasons are significant.

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