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How TV Can Add Value To Your Business

White Paper Published By: Cox Communications
Cox Communications
Published:  Nov 10, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  5 pages

Just as comfortable seating and an inviting décor make visitors feel at home, a television can make waiting much more enjoyable. Instead of sipping a cup of coffee while catching up on the morning news at home, guests can get the latest news in your waiting room or lobby. Instead of feeling inconvenienced, your visitors may feel as though they’re accomplishing something they didn’t have time to do at home. Perhaps the best thing of all about TVs for your waiting guests is that it passes time. As your customers or clients get caught up in the story being told on the TV set in front of them, they’ll hopefully lose track of time and be in an overall better mood. They’ll be less likely to feel impatient if they’re doing something they might normally do every morning anyway. Some offices have found they can make visitors even more comfortable by installing a single-cup coffeemaker, letting them sip coffee while catching up on the latest news or weather updates. Your front-desk workers will also be able to focus on expediting arriving customers, rather than answering persistent questions from those who are waiting. When visitors are coming up to the desk every few minutes to ask questions, frontdesk workers find that they are unable to get their own work done, which often speeds things along. A waiting room full of entertained visitors means your employees are free to take phone calls and help other employees with their workload to potentially reduce the amount of time visitors are required to wait.

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