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Webinar - The Midmarket and SMB Guide to Cloud Computing

Webinar Published By: Telx
Published:  Mar 22, 2016
Type:  Webinar

For many midsize companies, the Cloud may not seem error-proof due to a growing list of challenges—technical, financial, and personnel. So, how can IT pros today deliver on the value of Cloud services and applications, while mitigating these resource constraints?

Webinar - “The Midmarket and SMB Guide to Cloud Computing.”

During this 60-minute session, our panelists will share their insights into how IT pros can deliver on the Cloud while eliminating common errors and blind spots.

Topics include:

  • Understanding your Cloud options—SaaS, IaaS and PaaS, public and private—and what they mean
  • Saying "the Cloud is cheap" may be oversimplified, but there is an opportunity to save money
  • Making the case for Hybrid Cloud and how you can meet your goals and keep management happy
  • Unraveling the fact and fiction about Cloud security and compliance strategies

Whether you are in or considering a move to the Cloud, this is a must see session.


Nancy Gohring, Editor-In-Chief, Fierce Enterprise IT

Anurag Agrawal, CEO & Analyst, Techaisle

Laurie McCabe, Co-founder & Partner, SMB Group

John Freimuth, GM, Cloud & IT Services, Telx

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