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Embedded Analytics Vendor Selection Guide

White Paper Published By: Pentaho
Published:  Aug 22, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  12 pages

This whitepaper covers six guidelines product leaders should explore during their embedded analytics evaluation:

  1. Data Access, Integration, and Management
  2. End User Analytics Functionality
  3. Embedding Analytics into the Application User Interface
  4. Deployment and Security
  5. Extensibility, Customization, and Transparency
  6. Services, Support, and Vendor Experience

Content covers:

  • Key requirements and why they matter for each of the six guidelines for embedded analytics evaluation
  • Why blending multi-source data in a controlled matter is important
  • Why business users must be empowered to create and edit reports, visualizations, and analysis without IT assistance
  • Why a solution must work with multi-tenant architectures
  • Why collaborative architecture sessions between vendor and customer are necessary

Tags : 
big data, data integration, bi systems, hadoop