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How to Unify Your Multi-Vendor Collaboration Environment

White Paper Published By: AVI-SPL
Published:  Sep 01, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

When the responsibility for audiovisual (AV) systems started landing on ITís doorstep a few years back, it wasnít always a welcome addition to the department. AV came with proprietary systems, different processes, multiple vendors, and a complete lack of standardization. If you had 100 meeting rooms, you might find 90 different room configurations. And the user experience? Well, letís just say IT support has been busy.

Acceptance of disparate collaboration environments has run its course. For IT professionals who own AV, the goal is to apply the same standards to AV as they do to all their other disciplinesómake it standardized, service-oriented, simple, and scalable.

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collaboration, video conferencing, multiple vendor collaboration, video meetings, network management