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IAM without Compromise

White Paper Published By: OneLogin
Published:  Oct 24, 2017
Type:  White Paper

Enterprises of all sizes are challenged to effectively provide secure access to a rapidly growing mosaic of cloud, on-premise and mobile applications. Whether sanctioned by the enterprise IT group of purchased by departmental shadow IT organizations, individually provisioned applications present a great management burden with multiple negative operational effects:

• Time and money wasted by manual on-and off-boarding, and lost passwords.

• Security risk from weak, easy-to-remember passwords, as well as from system access by former employees whose credentials are not promptly revoked.

• Lack of visibility into who accesses which application, and from where.

As a result, enterprises and users encounter a range of obstacles that prevent them from securely operating at speed. At best, users who clamor for access to applications are inconvenienced when they don’t get access quickly enough, or not at all. Worst case, because today’s IT footprint is large and porous, companies face headline-making data breaches when applications introduce security vulnerabilities into the enterprise environment.

Furthermore, enterprises with on-premise portfolios encounter additional complexity due to their hybrid cloud/on-premise software environments. The good news is that a modern version of cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) has emerged to provide easy yet secure access to the thousands of applications people use to do their jobs every day.

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