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The Data Inspired Art of Sales Acceleration

White Paper Published By: Dun & Bradstreet
Dun & Bradstreet
Published:  Nov 13, 2017
Type:  White Paper
Length:  25 pages

You’re on the hook for more than just moving prospects through the funnel and delivering leads to sales. You’re responsible for managing the customer relationship. But how does it feel to the customer when that transition takes place? All too often, the first contact with sales feels like starting the conversation over again. And for customers who have already invested time and energy learning about a company and their products, this can be a jarring experience. Great composers use consistent melodic themes over the course of a piece. As marketers, it is our responsibility to ensure there is harmony and consistency over the full lifecycle of the customer relationship. But linking the conversations that marketing and sales have with prospects depends on your ability (and willingness) to share insights that are born from data.

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