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Decision management provides critical link to operational agility

White Paper Published By: Group M_IBM Q1'18
Group M_IBM Q1'18
Published:  Dec 21, 2017
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

More so than ever before, agility matters. A shifting competitive landscape along with heightened customer demands, technological transformations, digital disruptions and a host of other trends, combine to create distinct challenges for business operations executives. Achieving and maintaining a competitive edge in this climate requires an advanced framework for pivoting whenever neededówith minimal cost, maximum efficiency and optimal outcomes. The question for every enterprise in the current environment: Do we have the required agility to drive decision-making capabilities that will continuously sharpen our competitive edge?

The need for sophisticated systems that support innovative business models and drive competitive advantage is not anything new for forward-thinking operations executives.

Significant steps have been taken to optimize efficiency through the implementation of business process management (BPM) systems that provide control and visibility over business processes, reduce human handoffs and cut costs. Too often though, adoption of operational decision management (ODM) has lagged behind. The automation of operational decisions tends to be sporadic. Many companies are still relying upon the limited decision logic capabilities within BPM systems. Others are relying on open source code or hard coded Java script to manage business rules and logic.

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operational agility, technological transformations, digital disruptions, decision management