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Sd-Wan For Ucaas: Optimizing Bandwidth On Any Network

White Paper Published By: Vonage Business
Vonage Business
Published:  Jan 19, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  16 pages

Businesses have been moving their communication workloads to the cloud for about as long as the cloud has been around. But the demands that these real-time communications place on a network—as opposed to the simpler needs of one-way communications, such as email—can be significant. And while the end result is workable, it’s not always optimal. Large companies taking communications to the cloud can be faced with brownouts and jitter, unless they’re willing to make major investments in private networks to overcome the problem.

Now, with one of the most exciting developments in years—the application of SD-WAN technology to UCaaS (unified communications as a service)—the business communication world’s movers and shakers are pushing real-time, cloud-based communications toward their true potential and providing a better, smarter, and more efficient service in the process. Take a closer look at what this advancement means for business communications.

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