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Orchestrating virtual data center services

White Paper Published By: dinCloud
Published:  Jun 19, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  7 pages

Too often, the debate about IT is dominated by a narrow focus on near-term objectives: shrill cries claim that the business will stop (or fail) if a feature isnít added to the ecommerce site, if the mobility platform isnít improved, if the network and compute back end arenít upgraded, if storage and database performance isnít accelerated. Often, these changes are truly essential, and demand immediate attention. However, midmarket firms canít assemble a meaningful strategy from point responses to near-term issues. Increasingly, midmarket enterprises are finding that continued operational success requires an ďagile-cloudĒ Ė an agility-oriented, cloud-based IT strategy that addresses the three core changes faced by midmarket firms: the changing nature of business infrastructure, the accelerating pace of change in business, and the expanding scope of IT.

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