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Bluecore for Email Marketers

White Paper Published By: Bluecore
Published:  Jun 21, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  6 pages

If you’re like most email marketers, you do a lot of “hurry up and wait.” You know what you want to send, when you want to send it and how you want it to look, but bringing that vision to life requires you to go through various stakeholders. Between the CRM team, creative department, email service providers, brand managers, merchandise teams and so on, the number of steps and people involved in sending a single email is staggering. As a result, reacting to customers in a timely manner and delivering personalization at scale becomes nearly impossible.

What if you didn’t need to depend on your CRM team for customer insights or your creative team for every single image? Imagine how much more you could do (and how much more efficiently you could do it) if you could view data and take action without having to coordinate across various stakeholders. 

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