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ABM Outlook Survey 2018

White Paper Published By: Engagio
Published:  Jun 26, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  34 pages

This is an inside look at the state of Account Based Marketing. More specifically, our research examined:

- How companies are utilizing ABM as a strategy
- How organizations are structuring their teams to support ABM
- How ABM can be measured at different stages
- The challenges most organizations are facing regarding ABM

Along with showing the results, we’ve included our interpretation of the data to help you draw insights and apply them as you continue down your ABM journey. The research underscores where companies are at with their ABM programs and the key challenges they are facing.

Regardless of your company size or maturity, there is always a need to grow your business and drive efficiency. The data from this survey illustrates how ABM can help.

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