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Manufacturing Intelligence for the Next Industrial Revolution (Whitepaper)

White Paper Published By: TIBCO Software GmbH
TIBCO Software GmbH
Published:  Jan 22, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  4 pages

The Internet of Things (IoT) didn’t just connect everything everywhere; It laid the groundwork for the next industrial revolution.

Connected devices sending data was only one achievement of the IoT—but one that helped solve the problem of data spread across countless silos that was not collected because it was too voluminous and/or too expensive to analyze.

Now, with advances in cloud computing and analytics, cheaper and more scalable factory solutions are available. This, in combination with the cost and size of sensors continuously being reduced, supplies the other achievement: the possibility for every organization to digitally transform.

Using a Smart Factory system, all relevant data is aggregated, analyzed, and acted upon. Sensors, devices, people, and processes are part of a connected ecosystem providing:

• Reduced downtime
• Minimized surplus and defects 
• Deep insights
• End-to-end real-time visibility

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