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Evolving your Passive Data Catalog into an Active Data Hub

Webinar Published By: Zaloni
Published:  Apr 30, 2019
Type:  Webinar

We all know that data is the lifeblood of a modern enterprise.  But how can your business users action relevant, quality data into their applications for immediate value?

The answer used to be “Build a data catalog”. Data catalogs have grown in popularity as an essential tool for understanding where your data exists and what it is.  But, that’s only the first step – and an easy step at that! The harder part is giving your business users self-service access to understand THEIR catalog and enrich the data THEY need when THEY need it … and then allowing them to action it into their analytical or operational applications for rapid insights.  

Empowering the business: that’s where an “active data hub” differentiates from a “passive data catalog”.

Join Scott Gidley, VP of Product Management from Zaloni, to learn how real world users are moving away from traditional data catalogs to embrace active data hubs, including:

  • How a unified data supply chain removes unwanted tooling and rapidly delivers real business value to departmental or line of business users
  • How business users can enrich their data themselves and action it into their business applications - with the right amount of governance and trust
  • Test yourself against the data hub maturity curve to determine where you are within your enterprise

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