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How You Can Overcome Insurance Fraud in the Digital Age

White Paper Published By: Iovation
Published:  Aug 02, 2019
Type:  White Paper

Insurance fraud is back with a vengeance. With four out of ten mobile claims estimated to be fraudulent, using connected devices have made it easier than ever for fraudsters to commit insurance crimes. Gather insights from the live panel discussion hosted by MoneyLIVE & TransUnion. As fraud experts examine current trends & impacts of insurance fraud in today's digital age and learn how to overcome insurance fraud while protecting your customer relationships.

What you will learn:

  • Key trends behind fraud and the way in which they are impacting insurers.
  • How to tackle fraud and identify red flags by using a holistic approach.
  • Explore trigger points that can help warn insurers of when there is a high chance of fraudulent activity.
  • Identify the genuine customers and their genuine claims from the fraudsters.

Tags : 
botnet, insurance claims fraud, fraud rings, account takeover