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Smart Cities and the Digital Transformation of Local Government 2019

White Paper Published By: Virgin Media Business
Virgin Media Business
Published:  Aug 05, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  26 pages

Local authorities continue to search for ways to improve society – to increase economic growth and social mobility, and to address environmental goals through the regeneration of town centres and regions. Technology, as ever, undoubtedly plays a role in this transformation, but creating the ‘smart city’ of the future is more than simply  adopting digital; at its core, a smart city uses technology to solve problems and  improve citizen experiences. 

Global ‘smart city’ revenue is expected to grow to $88.7bn and, with its ability to deliver better public services, efficiently and sustainably, it’s no wonder. The economic impact of smart cities cannot be understated and, as the UK continues to tackle the uncertainty of its departure from the European Union (EU), it is critical that the needs of business are met. “Businesses need smart cities, or the innovation they represent, to thrive in a world where traditional industries are getting disrupted every day.”To facilitate this, it is vital that local authorities can ensure that their infrastructure is ready to support the cities of the future.

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