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Create a Comprehensive View of Your Customer

Webinar Published By: LeadMD
Published:  Aug 06, 2019
Type:  Webinar

The challenges for modern marketers in their effort to create a delightful customer experience vary from the sheer volume of digital channels to organizing and operationalizing the data they create. Add to that siloed team structures both within departments and cross-functionally and before long marketers begin to scoff at “challenge” and begin to think “impossible”. 

But don’t despair! It IS possible to create a comprehensive view of your customer. And it IS possible to campaign intelligently using that data.

In this webinar, healthcare marketing specialists from LeadMD will discuss:

  1. How to ensure your patient experience weaves together all omni-channel touches: inbound, outbound AND (perhaps most important for healthcare) offline channel
  2. The tech stack considerations for digital transformation to enable a 360 degree view of your customer
  3. Data architecture recommendations to store, manage, and leverage insights
  4. Roles and responsibilities recommendations for management

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