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Riding the Growth Wave Leveraging Economies of Scale

White Paper Published By: SAP
Published:  Aug 24, 2010
Type:  White Paper
Length:  6 pages

The ability to take advantage of economies of scale can lead to profitable growth and gains in market share.
However, capturing the benefits of economies of scale is not always easy. Production disruptions and operational inefficiencies can quickly negate the economies of scale you are trying to build. Economic pressures erode prices and margins and require you to do more with fewer resources just to maintain the status quo. Customers’ demands for fixed-cost bids and higher levels of service can disrupt your carefully laid business plans. To overcome these challenges, you must be able to manage production and service in a way that efficiently leverages economies of scale.
This paper examines how an integrated information technology solution can help you take advantage of economies of scale to boost manufacturing utilization, enhance service levels, and improve the efficiency of your sales and administrative activities.

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