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Published By: F5 Networks Singapore Pte Ltd     Published Date: Sep 09, 2019
Tech advances like the cloud, mobile technology, and the app-based software model have changed the way today’s modern business operates. They’ve also changed the way criminals attack and steal from businesses. Criminals strive to be agile in much the same way that companies do. Spreading malware is a favorite technique among attackers. According to the 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report, 28% of data breaches included malware.¹ While malware’s pervasiveness may not come as a surprise to many people, what’s not always so well understood is that automating app attacks—by means of malicious bots —is the most common way cybercriminals commit their crimes and spread malware. It helps them achieve scale.
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F5 Networks Singapore Pte Ltd
Published By: TIBCO Software     Published Date: Sep 16, 2019
La industria petrolera se está transformando de manera dinámica gracias el poder de conexión del Internet, los avances en sensores remotos conectados, y las posibilidades que ofrece el machine learning y la inteligencia artificial (IA). A medida que la búsqueda de hidrocarburos y fuentes de energías alternativas se amplía a entornos más profundos y hostiles, los operadores, las compañías de servicios y los propietarios de los recursos están aprovechando los avances tecnológicos para garantizar que sus empleados estén más seguros, sus campos sean más productivos y sus activos fijos estén operando a su máximo nivel de eficiencia.
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TIBCO Software
Published By: OneUpWeb     Published Date: Nov 23, 2010
Does social media marketing really work? How do you separate fact from fiction as you navigate your way through the buzz about "going viral"? Amidst the chatter about Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, Digg, Delicious, and Linked In-what will really get your business ahead? Tune in to find out as Oneupweb CEO Lisa Wehr and Social Media Director, Maureen Michaels team up to unveil the truth.
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oneupweb, usability, driving sales, e-commerce, ecommerce, task, clickability, demographics, design, website design, social media, marketing plans, growth
Published By: Cisco     Published Date: Jan 02, 2019
The network is the foundation of robust security, and the critical network security element is the firewall. For that reason, Cisco has been committed to delivering a next-generation firewall that can stop threats at the edge and focus on security efficacy. Those efforts are paying off in substantial momentum, and market observers are taking note. Cisco has been named a leader in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls. Beginning with our world-class threat-intelligence organization, Talos - the Cisco NGFW stands out from the competition. It goes beyond prevention and gives visibility into potentially malicious file activity across users, hosts, networks, and infrastructure. It saves you time and enables automation using our integrated architecture. No other firewall vendor have the strength and breadth of networking and security capabilities that Cisco offers. Learn More about it by downloading Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls.
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security, enterprise network, firewall, cisco, gartner, magic quadrant
Published By: Dell EMC Storage     Published Date: Aug 15, 2019
A medida que las empresas se someten a la transformación digital (DX), se están moviendo hacia nuevos modelos de negocios que reconocen los datos como un recurso estratégico clave para potenciar las aplicaciones e impulsar las decisiones de negocios. Para lograr esto, es necesario transformar los datos que las organizaciones recolectan y administran en un valioso recurso de capital denominado “capital de datos”. La infraestructura y las cargas de trabajo tradicionales de TI no están diseñadas para impulsar la creación del capital de datos. La escala de los datos que se deben capturar, almacenar, proteger y poner a disposición para su uso, además de las necesidades de las aplicaciones de última generación (NGA) que las organizaciones de TI desarrollan para impulsar la creación del capital de datos, va más allá de las funcionalidades de la infraestructura tradicional en las áreas de rendimiento, escalabilidad, disponibilidad, flexibilidad y capacidad de administración. Para cumplir con e
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Dell EMC Storage
Published By: Dell EMC EMEA     Published Date: Feb 28, 2019
Para mantenerse al día del crecimiento de la movilidad del negocio sin sucumbir a los riesgos potenciales, el equipo de TI debe ser capaz de afrontar de manera eficaz problemas complejos, desde el aprovisionamiento de servicios y la adquisición de dispositivos hasta la supervisión de la seguridad. ¿Por qué? Los trabajadores de la información necesitan acceso a información a menudo confidencial en una amplia variedad de dispositivos y aplicaciones de empresa desde donde estén. En otras palabras, las políticas de seguridad y privacidad que no obstaculicen la productividad del usuario final facultarán a los trabajadores y aumentarán su rendimiento. Descargue este documento técnico para obtener más información acerca de las soluciones Dell con tecnología Intel®.
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Published By: Blue Coat Systems     Published Date: Jun 26, 2013
While mobile threats are still largely mischiefware and have not yet broken the device’s security model but instead more focused on for-pay texting scams or stealing personal information, the dangers are still rife. This white paper from BlueCoat examines the mobile threat landscape and the behavioral patterns of mobile users that make them most vulnerable to data loss, malicious applications, fraud and other mobile threats.
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mobile threats, security, malicious applications, data loss prevention, fraud, technology, malware
Blue Coat Systems
Published By: Blue Coat Systems     Published Date: Jul 18, 2013
While mobile threats are still largely mischiefware and have not yet broken the device’s security model but instead more focused on for-pay texting scams or stealing personal information, the dangers are still rife. This white paper from BlueCoat examines the mobile threat landscape and the behavioral patterns of mobile users that make them most vulnerable to data loss, malicious applications, fraud and other mobile threats.
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mobile, malware, security, scams, bluecoat, data loss
Blue Coat Systems
Published By: FireEye     Published Date: Nov 27, 2012
Aided by their targets' porous defenses and unwitting end users, today's cybercriminals are able to deliver advanced malware that exploits systems and enables a range of malicious activities.
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fireeye, spear phishing attacks, cybercriminals, malware, malicious activities
Published By: Adobe     Published Date: Jul 04, 2016
Of course customers want great content, but understanding what defines great isn’t so easy. Adobe surveyed 12,000 customers worldwide about their content cravings and learned what it takes to make content irresistible.
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content, content management, customer experience, customer interaction
Published By: Dell PC Lifecycle     Published Date: Feb 20, 2018
La gestión tradicional del ciclo de vida del PC es un proceso ineficiente y costoso para el negocio tanto en términos de tiempo como de dinero. La solución de PC como servicio (PCaaS) de Dell EMC transforma el enfoque de la infraestructura de TI que aplica la empresa. La solución PCaaS franquea el acceso a nuestra reconocida cartera de dispositivos cliente. Hemos buscado el hardware idóneo para cubrir las necesidades específicas de cada uno de los perfiles. Obtenga más información sobre las soluciones Dell con tecnología Intel®.
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ahorre, tiempo, dinero, dell
Dell PC Lifecycle
Published By: NetApp     Published Date: Nov 27, 2017
Join data protection experts from Forrester Research, NetApp and AWS and find out how to secure your Microsoft Office 365 business-critical data from accidental deletion, corruption, or malicious intent.
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Published By: Mimecast     Published Date: Apr 10, 2019
Email. It’s the number-one business application used by organizations. It’s also the number-one method used to execute cyberattacks, enabling malware delivery, phishing, impersonations, and the spread of threats that are already internal to your organization. In fact, 91 percent of all cyberattacks start with an email. And your organization can’t function for long without email. How many hours of email downtime can your organization comfortably live with? If email isn’t accessible due to an adverse incident like malicious intent, human error or technical failure, your organization would likely suffer. The only way to get ahead of cybercriminals and to holistically protect your business is to adopt a new approach to email security. You need a multidimensional approach that brings together threat protection, adaptability, durability and recoverability in a single cloud-based service. You need to enable these four dimensions to truly provide cyber resilience for your email.
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Published By: Intel     Published Date: Aug 24, 2017
Para mantenerse delante de la competencia en el mercado de servicios de nube a un ritmo rápido y dirigido a costos, Le Cloud debe innovar nuevos servicios y flujos de ingreso para retener a sus clientes y dirigir utilidades. Al usar las soluciones de future-forward de centros de datos de Intel, Le Cloud puede reducir su latencia en las trans-codificaciones de video además de mejorar la experiencia de usuario en su transmisión del nuevo 4K y H-265 en los servicios de video en vivo que tienen millones de clientes actualmente.
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Published By: Gigamon     Published Date: Jun 10, 2019
Explosive data growth and network complexity hindering your ability to deliver results? We get it: the more complex the application infrastructure, the harder it is to ensure apps are functioning optimally. Read our new eBook, “Driving Digital Transformation with Application Intelligence,” to learn how to provide insight into applications across complex infrastructure. Discover previously hard-to-get information about bottlenecks, suspicious data, and user experience.
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Published By: Mimecast     Published Date: Aug 16, 2018
Email. You use it constantly. And it’s the number-one application to keep your organization functioning, lines of communication flowing, and productivity seamless. Organizations need email to stay up-and running all the time. After all, it’s supposed to just work, right? This is where trouble often sets in. Cybercriminals use email constantly, too. It’s the number-one vector used to initiate attacks like malware delivery (think ransomware), impersonations and phishing attacks. In fact, almost 90% of organizations* have seen the volume of phishing attacks either rise or stay the same over the past 12 months. Internal threats have also been on the rise: Most organizations have encountered internal threats driven by careless employees (88%), compromised accounts (80%) or malicious insiders (70%) over the last year.
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Published By: IBM     Published Date: May 02, 2017
There's an old saying in information security: "We want our network to be like an M&M, with a hard crunchy outside and a soft chewy center." For today's digital business, this perimeter-based security model is ineffective against malicious insiders and targeted attacks. Security and risk (S&R) pros must eliminate the soft chewy center and make security ubiquitous throughout the digital business ecosystem — not just at the perimeter. In 2009, we developed a new information security model, called the Zero Trust Model, which has gained widespread acceptance and adoption. This report explains the vision and key concepts of the model. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
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resource management, product data, remote services, asset management, cloud management, web applications, application scheduling, internet of things
Published By: McAfee     Published Date: Sep 15, 2014
Advanced evasion techniques, or AETs, are delivery mechanisms used to disguise advanced persistent threats (APTs) and permit them to slip through network security undetected. AETs work by splitting up malicious payloads into smaller pieces, disguising them, and delivering them simultaneously across multiple and rarely used protocols. Once inside, AETs reassemble to unleash malware and continue an APT attack.
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hacker detection, advanced evasion techniques, network security, it security, security management
Published By: MessageLabs     Published Date: Sep 25, 2008
The Internet has proven to be a vital communications medium for worldwide commerce, but as an open and unprotected global network it can also present a wide range of threats that can cripple any business organization. Several years ago, most Internet threats were relatively benign examples of a young adolescent’s technical expertise but over time they have evolved into increasingly sophisticated domestic and foreign attacks that are designed to capture financial, personal, or strategic business information. Threats now come in the form of deliberately malicious acts, and exploitative opportunities for hackers and/or organized crime. The impact is serious, and the landscape of victims is getting broader every day. In response, no organization can afford to have its networks remain unprotected.
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messagelabs, online threats, security, small & medium businesses, email spam, viruses, trojan horses, worms, phishing attacks, spyware, adware, honeypots, sandboxing, the wildlist
Published By: Genesys     Published Date: Feb 08, 2019
Gracias a la madurez de las plataformas en la nube, hoy las empresas pueden migrar a la nube con total confianza para lograr más agilidad, escalabilidad y menores costos. ¿Cómo puede obtener su empresa estos beneficios? ¿Qué pasos se necesitan para iniciar la inevitable migración a la nube? Escoger al partner correcto garantizará el éxito en la nube. ¿Sabe cómo encontrar al partner que lo ayudará en la migración? Este eBook presenta diez factores clave para tener en cuenta a la hora de migrar a un contact center en la nube. Tener una idea clara de los requerimientos del negocio, de las capacidades de su potencial partner y de la adecuación cultural le proporcionará grandes beneficios y lo ayudará a cumplir sus objetivos en el largo plazo.
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Published By: Aviatrix     Published Date: Jun 11, 2018
In evaluating the security posture for your Global Transit Network, your first question might be: Why do I even need additional security? Isn’t what Amazon provides “out of the box” adequate? This is not the right question to ask first. It’s important to appreciate that, while Amazon says it has a shared security model, your Amazon EC2 instance may not meet your security requirements “by default.” Though Amazon makes specific security features available to you, it’s still up to you to choose judiciously among the many native and third-party options. As part of our fact-filled AWS Bootcamp series, Aviatrix CTO Sherry Wei and Neel Kamal, head of field operations at Aviatrix, walk through five use cases and examine what Amazon provides, and the questions you need to be asking to implement Amazon services – or add additional ones – that are appropriate for your business. After examining each use case, we’ll show you how we handle it for our own business. Who Should Watch? Anyone responsi
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aws, aws vpc, aws transit vpc, secure transit vpc, vpc egress filter
Published By: Adobe     Published Date: Mar 02, 2017
Customers crave great content like kids in a candy shop. So enterprises worldwide are embracing design to give them a sweet experience across every touchpoint. Discover how to mold your content strategy to adapt to design trends and customer tastes.
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content, content strategy, design, customer experience
Published By: CA Technologies EMEA     Published Date: Apr 10, 2018
Un nuevo modelo de seguridad que merece la pena entender y emular. Tradicionalmente, en materia de seguridad empresarial, se ha confiado en una estrategia tipo fuerte que blindaba los terminales de los usuarios y creaba muros en torno a la red. En la actualidad, esta estrategia no puede posibilitar ni proteger el uso de dispositivos móviles y funciones de SaaS, que se encuentran al otro lado del fuerte. En consecuencia, los directores de seguridad de la información (CISO, por sus siglas en inglés) se han dedicado a buscar nuevas soluciones capaces de proteger estas tecnologías actuales, así como de adaptarse a medida que cambian las necesidades empresariales y las amenazas.
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CA Technologies EMEA
Published By: AWS     Published Date: Sep 23, 2019
Un cambio rápido está en marcha en el mundo del gobierno digital. Este cambio no solo está siendo impulsado por los avances de la tecnología, sino también por una comunidad unificada por nuevas formas de pensar, ideas audaces y soluciones costeables y escalables. En apoyo a esta nueva y brillante era de innovación, Amazon Web Services (AWS) está ayudando a dar vida a estas visiones. Desde proyectos que impulsan el turismo a través de datos, hasta asegurar que los pronósticos meteorológicos siempre sean accesibles; pasando por encontrar nuevos hogares para huérfanos refugiados, hasta asegurar que los resultados electorales no saturen sitios web, y mucho más. Al beneficiarnos de las regiones de AWS, estamos ayudando a muchos de los pensadores, creadores y constructores más ambiciosos del sector público a hacer realidad sus ideas. Para innovar. Para inspirar a otros. Y para seguir construyendo. Descubra hoy el futuro del gobierno digital en la nube.
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Published By: Panda Security     Published Date: Jan 16, 2008
A new white paper from Panda Security discusses the new breed of silent online threats that can bypass traditional antivirus programs and penetrate even the most highly 'protected' networks.  Additionally, the sheer volume of malware has overwhelmed the antivirus industry as a whole. Collective Intelligence is a new global security model specifically designed to combat the next evolution of malicious code.
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malware, virus, anti-virus, spyware, anti-spyware, anti-malware, bot, botnet, trojan, dos, denial of service, hacker, phish, phishing, panda, panda security
Panda Security
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