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iso 27001

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Published By: Secureworks ABM UK 2017     Published Date: Oct 23, 2017
GDPR will pose different challenges to each organisation. Understanding and acting on the implications for your own organisation is vital. That means taking a risk-based approach to ensure that you are doing what you need to do to manage your own specific risks to personal information. While virtually all organisations will have to implement changes to become GDPR compliant, some will be able to take partial advantage of existing compliance to other security mandates and frameworks, such as ISO 27001 and PCI by extending those measures to protection of personal data. Even so, further work will be required to comply with GDPR, both with regards to security and its other aspects.
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cyber security, cyber security framework, data security, firewall, general data protection regulation, incident and problem management, information security, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, log management, malware, vulnerabilities, managed security services, network security, pci compliance, penetration testing, ransomware security consulting, security management, security monitoring, vulnerability assessments
Secureworks ABM UK 2017
Published By: RES Software     Published Date: Apr 08, 2013
In de haast om aan regelgeving of klanteisen te voldoen, hebben organisaties miljoenen uitgegeven aan het implementeren van security en compliance maatregelen, hetzij per situatie hetzij per maatregel. Dit heeft geresulteerd in een asset-centric security benadering, waarbij we focussen op de IT infrastructuur en zorgen dat deze veilig is. In de huidige veelzijdige gebruikers gemeenschap is een gebruiker echter niet langer gebonden aan één enkel apparaat. Dus, hoewel het nog steeds nodig is om de assets te beveiligen, ontstaat er nu behoefte aan een user-centric benadering van security waarbij de security regels in lijn zijn met het gebruik van deze assets. Deze whitepaper geeft een overzicht van zowel de asset-centric als de user-centric aanpak van security. Deze invalshoeken zullen worden gerelateerd aan de standaard voor Informatie Security: ISO 27001.
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RES Software
Published By: Tripwire     Published Date: Jul 08, 2008
The Tripwire Enterprise solution provides organizations with powerful configuration control through its configuration assessment and change auditing capabilities. In this white paper, learn how with Tripwire Enterprise, organizations can quickly achieve IT configuration integrity by proactively assessing how their current configurations measure up to specifications as given in ISO 27001. This provides immediate visibility into the state of their systems, and through automating the process, saves time and effort over a manual efforts.
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tripwire, iso, iso 27001, security, compliance, comply, isms, information security
Published By: Tripwire     Published Date: Mar 31, 2009
Learn the basics about security benchmarks, and specifically how the security benchmarks developed by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) can help you with your compliance initiatives.
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center for internet security, cis, tripwire, compliance, internet security, cis-certified, framework, regulation, security investment, risk, risk management, it security, cis benchmark, e-commerce security, gramm-leach-bliley act (glba), sarbanes-oxley act (sox), health insurance portability, accountability act (hipaa), windows server, sysadmin

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