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Published By: IBM     Published Date: Nov 06, 2012
In this Research Report, Clabby Analytics describes why we believe that firms need to focus first and foremost on organization data - while, at the same time, designing a support infrastructure that can address user QoS needs to scale to meet needs.
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ibm, integrated infrastructure, business analytics, qos, infrastructure, analytic workload
Published By: IBM     Published Date: Mar 12, 2013
Follow-on white paper on the state of the Itanium market segment after the Oracle lawsuit and subsequent release of the new Integrity systems based on the Intel Itanium 9500 processor.
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hp itanium, servers, point of no return, joe clabby
Published By: IBM     Published Date: Sep 27, 2013
Analyst Joe Clabby writing about HP's flawed Itanium strategy states that continued investment in a converged Itanium/x86 infrastructure is a huge waste of research and development money. Itanium should be treated as a specialty processor that performs certain workloads. Read it here.
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hewlett packard, itanuim, converged infrastructure, feint, x86 server, servers

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