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ClearNova provides rapid application platforms & expertise to help companies quickly deliver rich internet business applications.ThinkCAP, our flagship product, is our response to the absolute need to build systems quickly and efficiently--without sacrificing functionality or openness. ThinkCAP redefines enterprise development of web-based business applications and provides unparalleled productivity for traditional page-based applications as well as AJAX-powered rich internet applications. Unlike other tools and frameworks on the market, ThinkCAP is targeted directly at the business developer with experience in non-Java technologies such as COBOL/RPG or 4GL such as PowerBuilder. Time after time, projects using ThinkCAP deliver applications on time, within budget, and with 24x7 reliability. ThinkCAP lowers project risks because applications are built faster, require less maintenance, utilize in-house skills and leverage existing infrastructure investments.
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(770) 442-8324

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1150 Northmeadow Parkway
Suite 118
Roswell, GA 30076

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