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Lumension Security™, Inc., formed by the combination of PatchLink and SecureWave S.A., is a leading global security management company, providing unified protection and control of all enterprise endpoints, applications and devices. The ineffectiveness of silo endpoint solutions that are reactive in nature has sparked demand for a shift in the security paradigm as organizations look to a more proactive approach to security. Lumension Security's Positive Security Model leverages proven security methodologies, practices and technologies to help organizations simplify the entire security management lifecycle. By putting security in a positive light, Lumension Security is shifting the security paradigm from a reactive to a proactive approach by unifying the endpoint security and configuration solutions to help organizations achieve a consistent and desired state. Lumension Security's proactive security solutions provide definitive protection of enterprise data and IT assets, improves operational efficiencies, reduces costs and accelerates business results.
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(888) 725-7828

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15880 North Greenway Hayden Loop Suite 100
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